Best Ceiling Paints 2020 – Reviews

painting ceilingWhen it’s time to do that painting job, you might be tempted to neglect the ceiling. After all, most people will never look directly at the ceiling for more than a second or two. If it doesn’t look particularly nice, it won’t draw any particular attention, right?

That would be wrong. The finish of your ceiling is an essential part of any painting job. If nothing else, it will help to ensure that all surfaces match in terms of their age and quality. Clean off the dust and cobwebs, scrape off that old paint, and go the extra mile to complete the job using one of the best ceiling paints listed below.

Best Ceiling Paints in April, 2020

 PaintCovers (gallon)Dries recoat (hours) 
1Benjamin Moore Premium
Editor's Choice
400-450 sq.ft.2 Check Price
2Benjamin Moore Muresco 400-450 sq.ft.2 Check Price
3KILZ Stainblocking Paint 250-400 sq.ft.2 Check Price
4KILZ TRIBUTE up to 400 sq.ft.2 Check Price
5Glidden Ceiling Paint 200-300 sq.ft.2-4 Check Price

1. Benjamin Moore Ultra Premium  – Top Ceiling Paint

If you want to get the best ceiling paint, Benjamin Moore is off the charts. Most painters and especially I absolutely love this paint due to its ultra-flat qualities. Benjamin Moore produces excellent results. Not only does this ensure minimal reflection, but it also serves to cover up small blemishes with greater effectiveness than its glossier counterparts. Most reviews seem to be positive, with few exceptions. The mildew-resistant nature of this paint is a nice bonus.

Brand Trusted by Painters

If you visit any painting forum you will definitely find 90% of users recommending exactly Benjamin Moore brand. I and all of those painters can’t be wrong!

In terms of price, this one is a little more expensive than the others. However, the difference in price is too small to be a great worry. I think most people would agree when I say that it’s worth a few extra bucks to get the results that you really want. As far as we can tell, this product is only available in one-gallon cans but that’s exactly what you need to paint a ceiling.

Other Great Features

This is an acrylic paint that is completely free of harsh odors and volatile compounds. This makes it much easier to handle and apply, and the water base means that you won’t need to worry about toxicity either. The product claims to be formulated in such a way that it will not splatter as easily as other paints. Obviously, this is a good thing when you are painting upside-down.

Not Only White

This paint is available in the standard white color, but it can also be obtained in any custom color that you may desire. This is a pretty good thing, but it does come with a downside. Custom-color paints of this kind are non-returnable, so you’re on your own if a problem arises although this isn’t a huge problem. Every color other than flat white is considered to be “custom,” so this paint could present some problems if you want to try something different.

  • Good for hiding small imperfections
  • Non-toxic and free of odors
  • Available in literally any color
  • Formulated for minimal splattering
  • A little more expensive
  • Custom colors cannot be returned

2. Benjamin Moore Muresco Ceiling Paint – Another One Great Paint

I think you already know that Benjamin Moore is the best ceiling paint brand. And this is its another one great ceiling paint. Muresco is very popular among both home users and professional painters including me. Just like Benjamin Moore Ultra Premium painters love Muresco. Without a doubt, this is a well-regarded product.

Trusted Brand

Most of the painters who have recommended this product say that it is their favorite ceiling paint. In fact, several of my former coworkers used it exclusively. This is my 2nd favorite ceiling paint after the Benjamin Moore Ultra Premium.

The only criticism I can say is that Muresco paint isn’t very good for spray-on application. The consensus is that you should use a roller for this one. Actually spraying ceiling paint is pretty rare so this is not a big problem.

Latex Paint

This paint is an acrylic latex paint, which means that it will create a rubbery layer over the ceiling surface. Latex paint also offers a less-toxic solution for those with sensitive health conditions. Latex itself is not toxic at all unless you happen to be allergic to such. Some of the other substances in this paint, however, are volatile.

Obviously, someone with a latex allergy should never use a latex-based paint like this one. Small chips can flake away over time, falling to the floor and possibly causing trouble for you at a later time. For everyone else, this product is perfectly safe.

No Glare

This paint is flat like most of the ceiling paints (actually all ceiling paints should be flat). The formula is supposed to reflect light without producing glare. Light reflection is the main reason why most ceilings are painted white.

  • Provides a thick layer
  • Does a great job of creating a smooth surface
  • Hides minor blemishes with ease
  • Meant to reduce glare
  • A little bit on the expensive side
  • No good for those with latex allergies
  • Not very good for use with a spray gun

3. KILZ Stainblocking Interior Ceiling Paint – Most Innovative

As you might guess from the name of this paint, it is intended mainly for cover-up work. In spite of its flat white color, the product does a great job of covering stains, minor dents and dings, and almost anything else.

Both Paint and Primer

There is absolutely no primer needed since this product primes itself. This is due to a unique chemical formula that also gives you a clear indicator of dryness. When this paint is applied, it is a light pink color. When it turns white, you know that the paint is dry. This is really handy because it takes the guesswork out of this step.


The best thing about the color-changing feature is the fact that you will be able to look and see exactly where you have painted and where you have not. Unless your ceiling just happens to be a pale shade of pink (highly unlikely) the contrast will make it so that you have no doubts about the job.

Dry time

Another good thing about this paint is the fact that it dries very quickly. The ceiling should be dry to the touch within 30 minutes after using this paint and should be fully dried in 2 hours. When you combine this factor with the color indication feature, you get a type of paint that offers a lot in terms of convenience.

  • Color-change dryness indicator
  • Dries very quickly
  • Good coverage
  • Low-odor formula
  • Low-splatter formula for less dripping
  • Fast drying time might not be good for special painting techniques
  • If painted wrong, you could end up with a pinkish ceiling

4. KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Paint and Primer – The Heavy-Duty Option

This is a high-quality paint in many ways, but one particular quality stands out for this paint. That quality is durability.

Several Features

One of the big problems with some paints is a lack of strength and flexibility. This can be a problem as homes age and walls warp. While many of these warps will be too subtle to detect with anything less than a micrometer, they can be enough to make the paint begin flaking away.

Although many types of paint provide a hard finish, that finish can sometimes be like glass; hard, but brittle. The moral of the story is that strength means nothing without flexibility. Glass is actually almost as hard as steel, but it is much easier to break because it cannot bend.

KILZ Tribute offers some other advantages as well. For one thing, the company says that this paint is the brightest white that they can produce. As I mentioned earlier, the brightness of white paint is pretty important. As sunlight comes in through the windows, a bright white ceiling will help to reflect it downward. The result is a brighter room with a light and happy feel.

Good Coverage

By providing excellent coverage, this paint gets a few points in the value department. However, it’s not one of the cheaper products on our list. Still, the value is improved a little more by the fact that you can buy this paint in a five-gallon can. This allows you to save about fifty dollars per five gallons when you buy the product in this form.

  • Decent recommendations
  • Primer and paint in one
  • Nice coverage
  • Higher resin content for better adhesion
  • Available in larger sizes for bigger jobs
  • Creates a durable finish that can be scrubbed without fear
  • It’s not only ceiling paint

5. Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint – The Value Paint

If you are short on cash, this is probably the best option for you. In the price category, this one can cut your paint costs nearly in half. However, budget options are usually not the best options. If you are doing a light-duty job, this paint should be fine.

As a latex paint, this product should do a good job of covering any cracks or gaps in the ceiling. This kind of paint produces an eggshell-like layer that is both flexible and tough. You may not know this, but water-based paints like this one tend to dry with a harder and more durable finish than their oil-based or solvent-based counterparts.

Moisture resistant

Moisture resistance is also one of the key qualities of this paint. Of course, you are unlikely to need water resistance on the ceiling, but this feature may do some serious good if your roof should happen to spring a leak. Although a roof leak is always a serious problem, this paint will at least ensure that you don’t get rained on while sitting in your dining room.

Low Splattering Formula

Like many modern paints, this one is made with low levels of VOC’s so that the smell won’t choke you half to death. For safety reasons, you should still wear a face mask when working with this product, but the danger is quite minimal. This formula is also made to resist splattering to a greater degree. Painting the ceiling is always going to be a messy job in some ways, but this product can at least mitigate the problem.

I can say that this paint is too thin and that it requires too many coats to do the job. This is mainly a problem when covering darker colors.

  • The cheapest option on our list by a wide margin
  • Made to be spatter-resistant for cleaner work
  • Low level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) equals fewer harsh fumes
  • Thick latex layer provides great moisture resistance
  • Does a very good job of covering up scratches and cracks
  • Thin consistency requires more coats to get the job done
  • Bargain options are usually of low quality


Without a doubt, there are certain unique issues that arise when painting a ceiling. Most of these issues come from the fact that you are painting upside-down. Therefore, you need something that can be applied thickly without excessive dripping. I hope that you will do all your preparations with thoroughness so that your ceiling will be just as beautiful as the rest of your home.

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